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Australian Memorial Trail

Discover the brutal battles in which Australian troops took Pozières village and its environs during the First World War.Visit the sites of some of the heaviest and deadliest fighting experienced by the Australians in the war. Listen to extraordinary individual acts of bravery by soldiers and learn about the unimaginable conditions they had to endure.

Your itinerary
1. Gibraltar Bunker

2. Dead Man's Road

3. Pozières Village

4. Destruction of Pozières

5. View of Battlefields towards the North East

6. Australian soldiers and souveniring

7. Pozières Church and 1st Australian Division Memorial

8. Thiepval

9. Albert

10. Dernancourt

11. The British

12. Dead Ground

13. The Chalk Pit / La carrière de craie

14. Protection underground

15. Casualty Corner

16. The Sunken Road

17. Victoria Crosses

18. George Butterworth

19. The medical dugout

20. The Windmill

21. Percy Cherry

22. Albert Jacka

23. Supreme Sacrifice

24. Mouquet Farm

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