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Maubeuge : fortifications

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1. Place Vauban and the Porte de Mons

2. The Oratory Bastion

3. The scarp wall, the face of the bastion

4. The tip of the tenaille: Postern, Interior and Exterior Rampart walls

5. The Counterscarp

6. Place of arms and the covered way

7. The lateral traverses and artillery platforms

8. The Demi-lune

9. The Guard-house museum and the Pont dormant

10. The demi-lune and the powder magazine in the wetlands of the Pisselote

11. The glacis : the woods and the meadow

12. The Falize Bastion

13. The Powder Magazine

14. The Arsenal

15. The Merry-go-Round Theater and the Pavilion

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