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Maubeuge : heart of the city

Welcome to Maubeuge

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1. Place Vauban and the Porte de Mons, the birth of Maubeuge and its fortifications

2. The Guard-house Museum

3. The Battle of Wattignies Monument

4. The Reconstruction

5. The Chapel of the Black Sisters

6. The Saint Aldegonde Chapter

7. The Merry-go-Round Theater

8. The Beguine Convent

9. The Notre Dame de Grâce Mosaic

10. The Arsenal

11. The Bandstand and Place Verte

12. The Bust of Mabuse, The Sambre River and The Promenade

13. Rue de l'Hospice

14. The Big Climb

15. Coutelle College and Sthrau Hall

16. The Church of Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul

17. The Treasure-trove

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