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Fontainebleau Biological Reserve (children only)

Welcome to the Forest of Fontainebleau, in the heart of the integral biological reserve. There will be 12 stopovers for you to discover... And beware, this forest has countless surprises in store for you...

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1. Carrefour Louis-Philippe

2. Route du Gros Fouteau

3. Carrefour du Gros Fouteau

4. Route de la Reine

5. Walking on the Route de la Reine

6. Route de la Fontaine

7. Walking on the Route de la Fontaine

8. Carrefour du nid d'aigle

9. Route du nid de l'aigle

10. Walking on the route du nid de l'aigle

11. Route des fossés rouges

12. Route Paul

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