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In Celtic times, Nevers was an oppidum, which in Latin means a fortified place of refuge. Situated on the hill overlooking the Loire, it provided protection from flooding for its early inhabitants.

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1. The Palace esplanade

2. Place des Reines de Pologne, or Square of the Polish Queens

3. Rue Marguerite Duras

4. Rue de la Parcheminerie, or Parchment road

5. The Cathedral

6. Notre Dame Abbey

7. Rue de la Porte du Croux

8. The promenade along the city walls

9. The Goguin Tower and the bridges

10. Place Carnot

11. Sainte Marie Chapel

12. Rue St Martin : the house of Pierre Bérégovoy

13. Place Saint Sébastien

14. Rue François Mitterrand

15. Rue François Mitterrand 2

16. Rue des Francs-Bourgeois

17. Le Carveron

18. Saint Etienne church

19. The park

20. Saint Gildard convent and the Bernadette Soubirous museum

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