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Saint-Riquier (Baie de Somme)

Saint Riquier is an open-air museum ! Its belfry, its Gothic abbey, its towers, its Hôtel Dieu, or old hospital building sit side by side with the adventures of the skeleton of Nithard, the heroine Becquestoile and the ghost of the Camp d'Aveine. A gallery of colourful characters coupled with an exceptional heritage !

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1. Introduction

2. Gothic art

3. Belfries

4. The belfry in St-Riquier

5. The belfry square in Saint Riquier

6. History of the abbey in St Riquier

7. Architecture of the abbey

8. Nithard and the abbey

9. The house Napoleon

10. Noch Tower

11. The Hôtel Dieu in St-Riquier

12. Haimont Gate

13. Margot tower

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