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The wonderful world of Zaza the bee

The wonderful world of Zaza the bee Hello! My name is Zaza the bee! Today, I am 22 days old and I flew out of the hive for the very first time. Excellent! The boss around here is Jeff, the beekeeper. He is constantly teasing my sisters and me. We work very hard for him: feeding the young, pampering the queen, gathering the flower nectar. There are no weekends and no vacations, more nectar is forever and always essential for producing honey. The entire family will enjoy this visit, full of surprises, as you discover the wonderful world of bees

Your itinerary
1. A map of the hives

2. Beehive history

3. A beehive tour

4. Beekeeping clothes

5. The Body of a Bee

6. The Colony's Queen

7. Bee tasks

8. Harvest/ honey extraction

9. Products of the hive

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