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Luxeuil-les-Bains is one of the most attractive towns in the Franche Comté region ! With its view of the mountain ranges of the Vosges and the Jura, Luxeuil-les-Bains offers you a heritage, artistic, architectural and…thermal tour ! Are you ready to take the waters with Saint Colomban, the painter Jules Adler and the Empress Eugénie ?... Their shadows still loom large over the aldermen’s tower, rue Carnot, the basilica, the abbey and many other sites. Enjoy your visit.

Your itinerary
1. The thermal baths

2. Rue Carnot or the road of the 52 balconies

3. The Aldermen's Tower

4. Hôtel Jouffroy otherwise known as the Maison du Cardinal Jouffroy

5. La maison François 1er (Francis 1st's house)

6. Water in Luxeuil-les Bains

7. The Abbey of Saint Colomban

8. The abbey cloister

9. The Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

10. The baillif's house

11. The archaeological excavations in the Place de la République

12. The Gallo-Roman pottery kilns

13. St. Colomban and the secret of Luxeuil

14. Luxeuil lace

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