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Château Life in Beaujolais

Discover the châteaux in Beaujolais with their formal French gardens and medieval castle ramparts. Discover the Versailles of Beaujolais and the châteaux built by industrialists! Walk up and down the region's longest wine cellars, running your fingers along the casks and follow the intricate process of vinification of the gamay grape.Follow in the footsteps of exceptional women who keep this cultural and winemaking heritage alive, and submerge yourself in French history with the riddle of the Temple and short stories from the vineyards, full of tales of dungeons and prisons. A whole succession of historic monuments await you!

Your itinerary
1. The château de Juliénas

2. The château of Corcelles en Beaujolais

3. Château de la Chaize at Odenas

4. The château de Montmelas at Montmelas-Saint Sorlin

5. The château de Vaurenard at Gleizé

6. Château de Jarnioux

7. Tarare and its castle

8. Thizy and its bourgeois châteaux

9. Château des Tours à Anse

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