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La Grande Motte

The seaside resort that has become a town in its own right is the work of a great architect, visionary, artist and philosopher, Jean Balladur. It's an outstanding example of town planning and architecture in France in the 20th century. It's a town that came into being in the late 60s and was the brainchild of a man who took pleasure in transcribing philosophical values and principles in concrete.

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1. La Grande Pyramide (The Big Pyramid)

2. La passerelle St Jean St John's footbridge

3. La place des 3 pouvoirs The square of the 3 powers

4. Point Zero

5. The Port and La Capitainerie, the harbour master's office

6. The Ponant (Sunset)

7. The quay

8. The Couchant

9. Place des Anciens d'Indochine

10. Passerelle des Lampadophores Footbridge of the Torch-bearers

11. Saint-Augustin church

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