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Musée du Nouveau Monde (Museum of the New World), La Rochelle

Everything here in the museum evokes the discovery of the New World of the Americas: the exploration of a new continent, the French participation in the gold rush, the relations between American Indians and settlers, the slave trade to the sugar cane plantations, etc. In the 18th century, La Rochelle was a port very much open to the New World. Enjoy your trip!

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1. View of the Port of La Rochelle in 1762, copy of a painting by Joseph Vernet

2. A slave revolt on a slave ship, Edouard-Antoine Renard

3. Me same as you, me free too

4. The slave bowl

5. The Mohawks

6. View of the port of San Francisco, 1851

7. The wedding masquerade, José Conrado Roza

8. Atala clocks

9. Slave ship or Stupid, absurd and useless

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