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Haute-Loire discovery

12. Good food and eating well in Jeune Loire

Advice for those with a discerning palate : in the Upper Loire we don't eat, we savour! A skillful mix of local produce and know-how makes eating here an art form in its own right !

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1. The Haute-Loire

2. Volcanoes at liberty

3. France's most beautiful villages

4. Puy-en-Velay

5. The Cathedral

6. The Tourist Train of the Allier Gorges

7. Brioude, a town of light and colours

8. The Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu and its Festival of Sacred Music

9. The Beast of Gévaudan

10. The Mézenc massif

11. The Loire valley

13. From Rochebaron to Chalencon

14. Aire Respirando in Aurec-sur-Loire

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