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Haute-Loire discovery

13. From Rochebaron to Chalencon

A castle that needs to be approached slowly, a village to be strolled around peacefully. From Rochebaron to Chalencon, the whole medieval period comes to life under the sharp eye of the birds of prey...

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1. The Haute-Loire

2. Volcanoes at liberty

3. France's most beautiful villages

4. Puy-en-Velay

5. The Cathedral

6. The Tourist Train of the Allier Gorges

7. Brioude, a town of light and colours

8. The Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu and its Festival of Sacred Music

9. The Beast of Gévaudan

10. The Mézenc massif

11. The Loire valley

12. Good food and eating well in Jeune Loire

14. Aire Respirando in Aurec-sur-Loire

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